Improving Your Restaurant Brand Through the Washroom Experience

Public washrooms are no longer as clean as they used to be in the past, and a few people will use them to do their private business. The rest will only use these free facilities only when there is an emergency.

In most cases, the memory of a disgusting and unpleasant bathroom experience makes most people detest the idea of using public toilets. The poor state of these toilet facilities is the reason why people are willing to spend a little extra for a good washroom experience.

Most restaurants provide washroom services for their workers, while in some of these facilities are available to the public. In the latter case, your restaurant will have two areas where the customers can access the waiting or dining area and the restrooms. However, your customer’s visit to the washroom might be the end or beginning of a good relationship.

You must be wondering why you provide an awesome dining experience but still can’t attract more customers. Creating the first impression at the dining or waiting room is not enough; you also need to keep your bathroom facilities up to standards.

Although it may sound a bit funny and surprising, restroom experience can improve or destroy your restaurant’s reputation. In the 21st century, it is very easy to lose your target demographic over the state of your washroom.
So how do restaurants improve their brands through the washroom experience? The following are some simple steps you can use to develop the best toilet 2020 and make your customer’s bathroom break a memorable one.

Get An Impressive Modern Design

Since you are just improving your washroom experience, there are good ideas you can find online and social media that can work with what you currently have. To create an immersive experience and the best toilet, you need a little bit of creativity.

The first part of improving your restaurant is to go back to the drawing board and plan again. Rethinking your washroom experience means complying with the health standards and applying relevant changes. You need to design the new experience you want your customers to feel when they use your toilet facilities.

Customers love to relate with a brand if they can implement what they need to see and feel. Although it is hard to please everybody, with an impressive modern design, it is possible to create a great general experience in your washroom.

The design process can be a form of a facelift or an entire renovation of your washroom. An uplift would require repair, maintenance, and replacement of toilet equipment. Any sign of wear and tear should be a point of concern.
The design you use should provide ample space and good lighting. Since you need to do whatever it takes to get your set yourself apart, you can choose to customize some of the toilet equipment or machines and brand them with your logo or restaurant name.

Since you do not want the customer to leave your establishment and never come again, there is a need to invest in new and cool ideas. Using simple solutions can easily help in describing your brand and tell your story.

Consistent Theme

The bathroom is an extension of your restaurant space, and its appearance matters a lot. There must be unity between the two spaces in your establishment.

Therefore, you need to maintain consistency in your theme, such that the brand element you use in your dining interior design should also feature in your washroom.

If heat is an element in your theme, then you should also maintain the temperature. The customer should feel a smooth transition from the dining space to the restroom space.

If your restaurant has a unique color theme, for instance, blue, you can try and apply it on the washroom surfaces. Another way to showcase your brand color is by using in-tank toilet cleaners. These tablets or cartridges not only reduce toilet bowl stains, but they also offer a deep or mild color of your choice. If you wish to use any color from your brand, then this is your opportunity.

Keep It Clean and Next to Godliness

Cleanliness is crucial in a restaurant growth strategy. Establishments that deal with foods and drinks should always observe proper hygiene and the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation. The restroom is one of the places in a restaurant that can kill your business if neglected.

With a strict cleaning schedule and enough supplies of articles often used in washrooms can do the trick. However, the success here relies on a good management and delegation system.

There are different levels of cleanliness; for instance, the APPA (Association for Higher Education Facilities Officers) has set five levels of cleaning standards. What you need is the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation.

A neglected restroom has poor hygiene and sanitation, and anything that poses a threat to the health and status of your customer kills their interest in your services and products.

Satisfy All Washroom Needs

Besides maintaining a clean toilet, you can improve your restaurant brand by equipping the facilities with the essential supplies.

The best way to make customers feel valued and thought of is by meeting their washroom needs. Your lavatory facilities should have all the necessary equipment and material.

Modern customers need to feel that you have the basics. Therefore, you need to Stock or provide facilities such as:

• Mirrors on the walls
• Toiletries (sanitizers, tissue papers, and towels, Hand soap)
• Disposal bins

Keep It Naturally Fresh and Smelling Good

Everyone has to go to the bathroom, and where there is high traffic, you’ll have to deal with the unpleasant odor.
Most restroom cleaning detergents are scented. The fragrance will not last long if the toilet is constantly in use. The solution is to use a variety of ways to combat unpleasant smells in your restroom.

You can first try to ensure that there is proper ventilation. The flow of air inside and outside the room pushes away unpleasant odor to keep it fresh and pleasant.

Another way is the use of air fresheners specifically designed for restrooms to absorb the odor. You can also use scented in-tank toilet tablets or cartridges to keep the room smelling nice after ever flash.

If you wish to keep the room smelling fresh and clean every time, you can try metered air fresheners that are timed to spray from time to time.

Keep It Hands-Free

Yes, hands-free! Anyone using public toilets fears contaminating their hands. You can give your customers an automatic washroom experience by relieving them the task of flushing the toilet or turning on and off the faucets.
If that’s not all, you can improve the hand cleaning experience by installing automatic sanitizers. The use of healthy state-of-the art technology such as motion sensor faucets adds a wow factor in your washroom experience. Since motion sensor hand dryers are perceived to spread germs use paper towels.

Multiple Checks

You need to make sure that your staff make regular checks and ensure that the restroom is clean and well-stocked.
Not all customers that come to your restaurant will visit the washroom, and if they do, you have to make sure that the experience inside matches their expectations.


Different from public toilets, customers have put a high expectation on the state of washrooms in restaurants. Failing to meet your customer’s expectations will make you lose their loyalty and a chance to grow your business. Customers will always try to compare the comfort in your establishment’s restroom with their home experience.