How Many Grams in An Ounce?

If you love cooking and have been using grams all your life to scale the mass of products, then at some point, you might have asked yourself, “How many grams in an ounce?” The answer to this question is quite technical but, in the end, it will be easy for you to do the conversions on your own.

Imperial Vs. Metric Mass Units

You can measure the mass of a dry or wet substance in Gram (g) or ounce (oz). The difference between the two is that a gram is a metric unit of mass, while Ounce is the imperial unit of mass. When comparing the two units of mass, an ounce of a product has a lot more mass than a gram of the same item.

The imperial unit system is often recommendable when one wishes to have a more accurate calculation of smaller quantities of mass. The mass unit here is in ounces, which is a sixteenth of a pound. It is commonly used in the United States to measure cooking or food items.

Professionals in the food and entertainment industry in the US prefer to use the ounce unit of measurement to determine the quantity of smaller dry ingredients and fluids. In some countries, some regulations prevent the use of grams to measure food products.

On the other end, you will find that the metric unit is used all over the world. Grams is commonly used to measure the mass of heavy items and not light products such as groceries. Since most people are used to the gram as a unit of measurement, there is a need for a conversion formula where products are in ounces. The idea here is to make sure that the quantity is always the same.

There are many ways to convert Ounce to grams, but first, you will have to determine the kind of ounce you need to convert to grams:

• International avoirdupois ounce
• Troy ounce
• Dry Ounce and Fluid ounce

The ounce unit of measuring mass is common in the United States

The Avoirdupois Ounce

You will need a simple calculation to convert grams to an ounce or vice versa. An international avoirdupois ounce is equivalent to 28.3495231 grams. It is the most common formula used to convert the weight of a product from ounce to grams. If you have an item having its weight in ounce, you only need to multiply the number with 28.3495231 to get the measurement in grams.

The Troy Ounce

The troy ounce is more popular in measuring the mass of precious stones such as gold, silver or gemstones. You’ll need to multiply the ounce number by 31.1034768 to convert to grams. The formula shows that a troy ounce weighs more in grams than an avoirdupois ounce.

Dry and Fluid Ounce

Dry and fluid ingredients vary greatly in weight. Experts recommend that when measuring the two, the dry unit should be measured using a scale while the other using liquid measuring cups. Therefore, it means that Troy ounces and avoirdupois ounces can only measure dry items.

For you to get the number of grams in an ounce of fluid, you will first need to use the ounce to cups conversion. Eight fluid ounces is equivalent to a standard American cup. Divide the density of fluid by the volume of the cup to get the number in mass, and then divide the result by eight. In pure water at temperature 4 °C, a fluid Ounce is equivalent to 29.5735295625 grams.


For you to get the number of grams in an ounce, you need to have the right ounce, then use the corresponding formula to get an accurate conversion. Therefore, the number of grams in an ounce will depend on the nature of the item that needs to be scaled.

Therefore, there are 28.3495231 or 31.1034768 grams in an ounce of dry items. In most cases, what people use as a standard measurement formula is the avoirdupois ounce conversion to grams. The importance of knowing how many grams in an ounce is to be more accurate when making the conversions. Rounding off the number can leave you with less or more of the product you are buying or want to use.